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Languages are well organized systems built through years to find ways for communication between people. Every part or country in this world made its own language used by its people to communicate through and express their selves. As every thing in this world, each language had been formed based on specific rules and regulations for example: grammar, vocabulary…So, is it easy to learn a foreign language that is not your mother language? Or let’s go specific in this article “How to study Romanian as a foreign language?”

Learning a new language that a person did not live through is not that easy and needs a lot of work, but this can be successfully achieved when following specific steps. Romanian language is one of the Latin-derived languages that has its own rules which should be followed to learn it well.

First of all and one of the most important things that help any person learn a new language is to live in Romania or have a lot of Romanian friends whom he/she can talk and communicate with, because learning Romanian without practicing it and especially with Romanian people is not a good way to speak it well and leads  to easily forgetting the language so “Practice” is the key. 

Also,when talking about learning Romanian it is not only limited to learning the alphabets, grammar, and vocabulary but it is also important to know about the history, culture, and lifestyle of this country that you would like to talk using its language. In addition to the etiquettes related to Romania that should be followed when talking about specific things or used in specific period of times so, never limit learning Romanian to speaking and writing the language only but work on understanding the culture of Romania and be curious to know about the history and the lifestyle of this country. Another important point in learning Romanian is to never translate word by word the Romanian things to English or to your mother language as there is no exact word usage between 2 languages and this can make it harder for anyone to learn Romanian so when trying to make a Romanian sentence think directly of the Romanian words in your mind and then form the sentence.

Also think of simple things that can be done for the help of feeling the Romanian environment for example: select “Romanian” as your phone language in the settings so you can deal with Romanian each and everyday using your phone. Also think of funny and interesting things that you would like to do for example watching a film, listening to a music but do this in Romanian. As a conclusion learning Romanian means feeling it and living through the smallest and the most important details in Romania. So, another important point is to never be afraid to speak and practice Romanian because learning comes only from making mistakes and trying. Follow these steps and you will be an excellent Romanian speaker.

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